Unique and constantly evolving style for contemporary homes.

Made in Italy

Richmond Upon Thames collections are a fusion of sophisticated international design and the authentic artisan craftsmanship that is part of Italy’s grand tradition of fine furniture making. Each element makes a valuable contribution to the overall aesthetic, combining with superior materials and artisan production techniques.

Intense fragrances for environments full of emotions

The perfume activates memories, sensations, emotions and allows us to feel the environment we live in , it is like feeling at home. We have created enveloping scents to complete the taste of living and personalize the interiors with suggestions intense and unique olfactory. Apple and raspberries for the top notes, red grapes that emerge in a plunge to the heart and to the bottom, at the high of pleasure, honey, vanilla and guaico woods for maximum intensity .


Richmond Upon Thames room ideas are perfectly suited to contemporary lifestyles which are played out in homes with open-spaces and sought-after interior design solutions. Practicality and style, rationality and beauty coalesce to perfection, creating sophisticated spaces for everyday living, at night and during the day.
The Richmond Upon Thames label comprises a multitude of individual pieces which can be combined to fulfil every household need, from functionality to organisation of the space. Cabinets and display units, tables and chairs, sofas and beds, home office and bedroom solutions invite you into a world of sophistication to be explored and enjoyed.
Rediscover the pleasure of your home